Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cedar Environmental's CSR: Abou Mizan Quarry Rehabilitation

I sat in a meeting a couple of days ago talking about the strategy of Cedar Environmental (CE) in expanding its model of decentralized waste management.  The main interlocutor was a nice, civil young man who works for a corporate giant.  

During the course of the meeting I mentioned that CE has taken upon itself to rehabilitate the first quarry in Lebanon.  His immediate response was "what value does it bring to your company?" 

It's really hard to explain to corporate types that not everything in life is measured in currency units.  I left that meeting thinking about the Sioux Indian chief who after watching the US government deregulate mining to include forests and park areas said:

When all the trees have been cut down
When all the animals have been hunted
When all the waters are polluted
When all the air is unsafe to breath
Only then will they discover, they cannot eat money.

How about that for value ?

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  1. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading this blog, I agree that it is difficult to tell some people how important the environment is to a company and its customer and potential new customers. Each company should have a part of their corporate social responsibility model where they help to improve their environmental footprint. I really liked the quote that you used at the end when talking about the Sioux Indian chief. The company SunChips has a really good CSR model that they follow when it comes to the environment. (you can take a look at here: They make it a point to make sure they are doing all that they can to make the world a better place. I found the video to be very interesting as well!

    Thanks for the great post,

    Brett Henderson
    Communications Graduate Student
    Drury University