Monday, May 7, 2012

Lebanon’s 2012 Meat Crisis: Only as Rotten as You Want It to Be!

May 2, 2012
John Jeha – Hay Khabriyeh!
Reports surfaced few weeks ago about rotten meat in the Lebanese market. It was widely reported that a number of companies responsible for Lebanon’s meat imports had been distributing rotten Brazilian beef throughout the market causing a number people to fall ill. Lebanese authorities were swift on cracking down on meat distributors and in the process found two warehouses stocked with 300 tons of what was deemed inedible meat due to the fact that it had outlived its shelf life of around three months and was considered rotten.
The contemporary media often presents such events with no follow up on their future outcomes. Thus, denying the public the ability to understand how the news has an impact on our lives on a broader scale, and overlooking the solutions that arise. Criticisms directed at the merchants and the regulating authorities took place, as expected of a responsive and active media. However, just as shocking events come and go from our news cycle, few have brought up the more pressing and urgent problem left in the scandal’s wake: now that the meat has been detained, what should be done to dispose of it?

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